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Cummins Inc. 2019 Summer Intern - Project Engineer 项目工程师 in Beijing, China

2019 Summer Intern - Project Engineer 项目工程师


  • Applies developing business process and project management skills within an area of business or technical specialty. Manages small portions of well-defined projects. Provides administrative and logistics support for a project team and project manager.

  • 在业务或技术专业领域应用开发业务流程和项目管理技能。管理一小部分定义明确的项目。为项目团队和项目经理提供行政和日常支持。

  • Serves as a resource on projects and work assignments; employs basic knowledge of effective project management and general business understanding.

  • 运用有效项目管理的和业务理解的基本知识作为项目和工作任务的有效资源。

  • Identifies, tracks, and works with others to resolve project issues.

  • 识别、跟踪并与他人合作解决项目问题。

  • Monitors and communicates project status to project team.

  • 与项目团队成员沟通、监控项目状态。

  • Assists with budget planning and tracking, research, and analytical support; provides input into the design and development of project plans and timelines.

  • 协助预算规划和跟踪、研究和分析支持;为项目计划和时间节点的设计和开发提供输入。

  • Assists with managing project risk; uses quality tools to identify areas of risk.

  • 协助管理项目风险;使用质量工具识别风险区域。

  • Documents and shares team learning's with other teams; draws on other experiences to enhance the success of the project.

  • 记录并与其他团队分享团队经验;借鉴其他项目经验,提高在执行项目的成功率。

  • Maintains project notes, databases, and other records; monitors measures and communicates with Project Manager on status of specific projects and assignments.

  • 维护项目注释、数据库和其他记录;并与项目经理就特定项目和任务的状态进行沟通,并监控项目相关状态。


  • Issue Management - Aware of the steps to develop and manage change, including issues and risks, for a project.

  • 问题管理-了解项目进度和管理变更(包括问题和风险)的步骤。

  • Scope Management - Solicits and organizes customer requirements (Voice of the Customer), and tracks the status of project deliverables. Uses a Value Package Profile (VPP) or other appropriate scope-defining document, and manages change. Manages the connections between multiple levels of scope detail in related additional documents (e.g. Tech Profiles or equivalent documents).

  • 范围管理-征求和组织客户需求(客户的声音),并跟踪项目可交付成果的状态。使用Value Package Profile(VPP)或其他适当的范围定义文档,并管理变更状态。管理相关附加文档(如技术概要或等效文档)中多个级别范围详细信息之间的连接。

  • Schedule Management - Develops and maintains a cross-functional schedule. Proficient at one or more schedule management tools. Knows the right level of detail needed to use the tool effectively.

  • 进度管理-制定和维护跨职能的进度计划。精通一个或多个进度管理工具。了解有效使用工具所需的正确详细程度。

  • Stakeholder Management And Communication - Identifies, engages and manages stakeholders on a project or groups of projects. Overcomes obstacles and resistance among stakeholders. Effectively stratifies stakeholder needs and creates and executes communications plans to fit the unique needs of each type of stakeholder.

  • 利益相关者的管理和沟通-识别、参与和管理项目中的利益相关者。克服利益相关者之间的障碍和阻力。有效地将利益相关者的需求分层,并创建和执行沟通计划,以满足每种类型的利益相关者的独特需求。

  • Resource Plan Management - Aware of the steps to develop and manage a cross-functional resource plan for a project.

  • 资源计划管理-了解为项目制进度和管理跨职能资源计划的步骤。

  • Business Planning/Strategy - Familiar with tools for financial analysis and its relevance. Knows when, where, and how to get assistance.

  • 业务规划/战略-熟悉财务分析工具及其相关性。知道何时、何地以及如何获得帮助。

  • Cross-Functional Knowledge - Understands the basic high-level tasks for each functional area on a project.

  • 跨职能知识-了解项目中每个职能领域基本和高级的任务。

  • Project Risk Management - Understands the basics of risk identification, analysis, and mitigation.

  • 项目风险管理-了解风险识别、分析和转移的基础知识。

Education, Licenses, Certifications

  • College, university, or equivalent degree required. CET-6

  • 需要大学本科或同等学历。英语六级。


Primary Location China-Beijing-Beijing-China, Beijing, CUMMINS HQ

Job Type Internship

Recruitment Job Type Student - Internship

Job Posting Mar 14, 2019, 2:09:32 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Req ID: 190000Z0