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Cummins Inc. 2020 Campus Hire - Product Engineer - Control 产品控制工程师 in Chongqing, China

2020 Campus Hire - Product Engineer - Control 产品控制工程师



岗位综述 :

  • This applied technology position focus on electronic hardware that is integral to Cummins’ products. People in these positions will typically develop, validate and integrate electronic sensors, actuators, control units or harnesses to ensure the consistent operation of Cummins’ highly effective, environmentally friendly, and competitive products in a variety of customer applications.

  • 该职位关注应用于康明斯产品的电子控制系统硬件,开发、验证及集成电子控制单元、电子传感器、执行机构或线束部件,确保康明斯为客户持续提供高效、环保和有竞争力的产品。



  • Investigates electronic hardware problems, understands causal mechanisms, recommends appropriate action, owns problem resolution and documents results with guidance from more experienced team members.

  • 牵头电子控制系统硬件问题解决及文档化,调查硬件问题,理解原因机制,建议措施并采取适当行动解决问题。

  • Applies and supports the improvement of electronic hardware development processes and tools.

  • 应用和支持电子控制器硬件开发流程、工具的改进。

  • Processes include, basic problem-solving techniques (5 phase, 7 step, 8D or similar), familiarity with embedded electronic hardware (h/w) development process, requirements analysis. Tools include worst case analysis, circuit simulation (Saber, Cadence PSpice, or equivalent), DFMEA/PFMEA, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), schematic capture, Specification Compliance Matrix (or equivalent).

  • 使用问题解决工具,熟悉嵌入式电子硬件开发过程与需求分析,工具包含最坏分析、电路仿真、DFMEA/PFMEA、故障树分析、原理图捕获、规范遵从矩阵等。

  • Obtains input and negotiates with electronic suppliers and delivers prototype hardware to application engineering teams.

  • 评估输入,与供应商合作,向应用工程团队交付原型硬件。

  • Makes decisions in the areas of hardware requirements, validation test that impact unit cost, functionality, and prototype delivery.

  • 为影响成本、功能和原型交付的硬件需求、验证测试提供有效决策。

  • Contributes effectively toward team goals, exhibits influence within a work group and continues to develop proficiency in the competency areas critical to success in the role.

  • 有效地实现团队设定目标并在团队内展示影响力,在关键领域进行能力建设,保持持续领先。




  • Design and Application of Digital Electronics - Specifies components and architectures of electronic control units; applies electronic control units in Cummins' products.

  • 电子控制器的设计与应用能力:定义、设计电子控制器的系统架构及组件,在康明斯产品中应用电子控制器。

  • Design and Application of Mechatronics Systems - Specifies electronic hardware and interconnections that measure and control systems; applies electronic hardware and interconnections in Cummins' products.

  • 机电一体化系统的设计与应用能力:定义、设计电子控制系统硬件及信号交互,在康明斯产品中应用机电一体化系统。

  • Mechanical Design of Electrical Systems - Creates electrical system or electronics-based design or architecture concepts through specific knowledge of electrified (or electrical-based) systems to ensure a system design that adheres to both Cummins and customer expectations.

  • 电子控制系统的机械设计能力:开发电子控制器系统机械设计、架构概念,牵头设计评审,确保系统设计符合康明斯和客户期望。

  • Product Verification and Validation Management - Coordinates the development of design verification and system validation plans from a variety of inputs to identify failure modes while managing risk and relative priority; evaluates analytical and experimental test results following engineering principles to verify that products meet internal technical requirements and to validate that design solutions meet customer needs; produces recommendations with technical documentation to support product decisions.

  • 产品验证与确认能力:协调开发设计验证和系统验证计划,识别失效模式并进行风险管理;基于工程原理评估与测试结果,验证产品满足内部技术要求及客户需求;提出技术文档建议以支持产品决策。

  • System Requirements Engineering - Uses appropriate methods and tools to translate stakeholder needs into verifiable requirements to which designs are developed; establishes acceptance criteria for the system of interest through analysis, allocation and negotiation; tracks the status of requirements throughout the system lifecycle; assesses the impact of changes to system requirements on project scope, schedule, and resources; creates and maintains information linkages to related artifacts.

  • 系统思考能力:使用合适方法、工具将利益相关方需求转变为可实现工程设计,通过分析、配置及讨论建立系统验收标准,在生命周期内跟踪系统需求状态,评估系统需求变更对项目范围、进度和资源的影响,创建并维护到相关工件信息链接。

  • Product Problem Solving - Solves product problems using a process that protects the customer; determines the assignable cause; implements robust, data-based solutions; and identifies the systemic root causes and recommended actions to prevent problem reoccurrence.

  • 问题解决能力:运用公司的标准流程来解决产品问题,分析原因,采用基于数据分析的具有一定鲁棒性的解决方案,并且寻找根本原因和避免问题复现的方案。

  • Decision quality - Making good and timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward.

  • 高质量决策:持续进行高质量决策,保持组织不断发展。

  • Drives results - Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.

  • 结果导向:在不同环境下持续达成业绩目标。

  • Collaborates - Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives.

  • 团队合作:与他人合作并建立伙伴关系来实现共同目标。

  • Communicates effectively - Developing and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences.

  • 高效沟通:通过和他人有效的沟通了解其真实需求。

  • Self-development - Actively seeking new ways to grow and be challenged using both formal and informal development channels.

  • 自我发展:积极探寻适合自己的发展模式。


Primary Location China-Chongqing-Chongqing-China, Chongqing, Chongqing Cummins Engine Company

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Entry Level

Job Posting Sep 17, 2019, 9:49:04 PM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Req ID: 190003NL