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Cummins Inc. 2023 Campus Hire - Electronics Engineering Sensor Engineer 传感器工程师 in Wuhan, China

2023 Campus Hire - Electronics Engineering Sensor Engineer 传感器工程师


  • Collect customer VOC together with marketing team, and Translate customer requirements into product technical specifications and completed Service quotation,communicate that to project team

  • 与市场部门一起收集客户需求,将客户需求转化成产品的技术要求,完成工程服务报价并且将该需求反馈给项目团队

  • Define Tech Profile and Tech Package for Specific Sensors - include all aspects of the design for validation and capability to the deliverables,Create specific DVP&R test plan including production, system validation and reliability plan for demonstrating capability against meeting product tech profile

  • 定义传感器技术文档,包括产品设计验证及交付,制定具体产品验证计划及产品可靠性开发计划,满足产品技术文档要求

  • Work with suppliers to design and develop the sensor ,Help suppliers to understand engineering specification and DVP&R requirements and resolve issues to meet all requirements including function specification / quality / cost / timing

  • 参与供应商设计及开发工作,帮助供应商理解康明斯工程规范及DVP&R 要求,确保产品功能/质量/成本/时间等满足项目要求

  • Work close with China local customers to analysis AIS and BIS ECM/ECU failures and troubleshoot normal technical issue

  • 紧密联系国内客户,对AIS和BIS失效件进行故障分析, 并能解决一般的技术问题

  • Participate in CE PQC and customer FIRG meeting,Use 7-Step to report sensor issues that happened in Warranty failures / VPI project to PQC quality team /VPI Project team,work with project team members to make the action plan and solve the issue

  • 参加CE PQC 和客户FIRG 会议,使用7步法报告向CE PQC质量团队或VPI项目团队汇报售后故障或VPI项目阶段发生的问题,与项目成员一起制定相关解决方案

  • Get close engagement to China JVs’ and Global customer, and Rapid response and lead to solve related Sensor issues in time ,manage engineering changes VPCR,ESCR,meet their needs

  • 紧密联系国内的合资厂及全球客户,并且快速响应并及时解决传感器产品的技术问题,管理审核工程变更,满足客户需求


  • Bachelor degree or above, relating to automotive, automation or mechatronics

  • 汽车,自动控制及机电一体化相关本科及以上学历

  • Basic knowledge of analog and digital circuit, working knowledge of AutoCAD

  • 基本的模电数电知识,熟悉CAD制图软件

  • Has the knowledge about the basic principle for different type of sensors which been used in passenger or commercial vehicle

  • 对乘用车或者商用车各种不同类型传感器的基本原理有一定了解

  • Ability to perform different test using basic digital instruments in lab, such as oscilloscope,multimeter,LCR and so on, knowledge and experience with the tools to perform, simulation, and testing, and analyze the quality of signals. Basic knowledge for CAN bus and the protocol of J1939

  • 能熟练使用实验室常用数字仪表,例如示波器,万用表,LCR等会使用相关工具进行仿真,测试,并对信号质量进行分析. 对CAN总线,J1939有一定了解

  • Be proficient both in writing and oral English

  • 英文听说读写熟练

  • Ability to work w/ Customer and team members in a global environment

  • 能与客户及国际背景的团队成员协调工作

  • SCH , PCB layout design ,Mechanical structure,Material utilization and selection experience

  • 有结构设计,材料应用选型,原理图,PCB 制版及结构设计,材料应用选型经验优先


Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, Cummins Fuel Systems

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Entry Level

Job Posting Aug 10, 2022, 4:25:35 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems

Req ID: 220005VJ