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Cummins Inc. Electronics/Software Engineer 电子/软件工程师 (限毕业2年以内) in Wuhan, China

Electronics/Software Engineer 电子/软件工程师 (限毕业2年以内)


  • Evaluate the new requirement from customer, translate them into product technical specifications, implement in ECM model roll. And completed service quotation, deliver to marketing team.

  • 评估客户新需求的可行性,并将其转化成产品的技术要求,在ECM model roll期间贯彻实施,并且完成工程服务报价,递交给市场部门;

  • Get close engagement to China customer, and solve their problems related to ECM/ECU and meet their needs in time.

  • 紧密联系国内客户,并且及时解决发动机电控模块的技术问题,满足客户需求.

  • Work close with China local customers to analysis AIS and BIS ECM/ECU failures and troubleshoot normal technical issue.

  • 紧密联系国内客户,对AIS和BIS失效件进行故障分析,并能解决一般的技术问题。

  • Collect customer warranty return and claim data with quality team, and provide this data monthly to global quality team for quality analysis and improvement.

  • 与质量部门一起收集客户返件,索赔信息,每月提供给全球质量分析部门做质量改进。

  • Lead ECM model roll from planning, design, implementation to environment and EMC validation test.

  • 负责ECM产品变更,从计划,设计,样件生产到环境、电磁兼容验证测试。

  • Participates as a key contributor for VPC or BOF VPI program.

  • 作为关键成员参与VPC或现有模块VPI项目开发。

  • ECM EMS supplier management.

  • 管理ECM代工供应商。



  • Bachelor degree or above, relating to automotive or automation。

  • 汽车和自动控制相关本科及以上学历。


  • Analog Circuit knowledge - A person with this skill designs/ analyzes: actuator driver, power supply, signal conditioning (digital), analog and frequency type sensors, and system power bus/ grounding. Has knowledge and experience with analog tools and process.

  • 模拟电路知识-有能力设计或分析:执行器驱动,电源,信号调理,各种传感器信号采集,系统电源和接地。会使用基本模拟电路测试工具

  • Digital Circuit knowledge - ability to perform timing analysis, knowledge and experience with the tools and processes of this field and could resolve circuit functional and performance issues with analysis, simulation, and testing.

  • 数字电路知识–能够对时序进行分析,会使用相关工具进行仿真,测试,分析解决数字电路问题,并对信号质量进行分析。


  • Good spoken and written English

  • 良好的英语口语和书写能力

  • Ability to work with Customers and team members in a global environment.

  • 能与客户及国际背景的团队成员协调工作.

Other requirement

  • SCH and PCB layout design experience.

  • 有原理图及PCB制版经验优先。


Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, Cummins Fuel Systems

Job Type Experienced - Exempt / Office

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Experienced

Job Posting Aug 25, 2021, 9:50:14 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Req ID: 200001GX